Press the PLAY arrow below to view a ninety second YouTube video that demonstrates the three dimensional feature of these pieces. Closely watch Andrew Jackson on the right and the clown's hair on the left.

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STRONG PUBLIC REACTION TO GORDON'S 3-D PORTRAITS: In early 2013, in the first public exhibition of these works, five of Gordon's 3-D portraits were exhibited in a local California Library then in a golf clubhouse. Gordon began receiving phone calls telling him how much people liked these 3-D portraits. During the summer of that same year the 3-D portrait of President Andrew Jackson was entered in three art contests --  the  piece won a blue ribbon in each one including a People's Choice exhibit of seventy art works with over five hundred people voting. These powerful works are stunning and must be seen to be fully fully appreciated. 

HOW CREATED: To read how 3-D Portraits are createdclick HERE

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